Steps to Getting Customised Air Fresheners for Your Business

Do you wish to promote your brand in a unique and inexpensive way? Consider custom made wholesale car air fresheners to get your organisation, event or business noticed. Choose your own design, shape and scent for a truly individual product that is low-cost and memorable. This simple brand promotion product will ensure people notice and remember your brand, without having to spend a fortune.

With numerous agencies out there competing for your business, ensure you find a car air freshener company that is trustworthy, cost effective, prompt at both responding and production, and delivers a quality product. A company such as Freshty, has excellent customer service and produces high quality fresheners at around half the price of other companies.

Number of Units

Many companies won’t consider orders for fewer than 500 air fresheners, but Freshty will accept orders for a minimum of 250 car air fresheners, making them an ideal choice for event organisers and smaller businesses, as well as larger firms. With no hidden costs, their quoted price is what you pay, making budgeting easy and clear.

Production Time

Once you have established how many wholesale car air fresheners you require, you also need to ascertain how quickly you require the fresheners. Most companies take a standard six weeks to turn around an order, but you can have an order completed in as little as two weeks with Freshty, and they even have a fast track service for priority jobs that can see your order delivered in as little as one week.

Low Price

Cost is another priority when it comes to custom made car air fresheners, and finding a competitive rate is paramount for your business. Get some quick quotes to ensure you are happy with the costs involved.

High Quality

Choose a company that uses high quality fragrances and prints onto thick card to produce superior quality car air fresheners. By meeting these high standards you can be assured that the product you are buying will appeal to your target audience. Strong, thick card will ensure the product is not damaged in transit or in storage, plus it stores and absorbs fragrances better than thin card and it will also last longer.

Long Lasting Fragrances

Ensure the company you choose uses undiluted top quality fragrances. This, combined with thick card, will ensure maximum longevity of the product. You should be able to store quality car air fresheners unopened for many years and they will still produce a pleasant fragrance years later.

Instant Response

Expect a rapid response to any enquiry you make regarding personalised car air fresheners. A professional company understands that time is precious and that providing a quick response is essential to providing excellent customer service.

Choose a fast, low-cost supplier of custom made car air fresheners, who deliver in a quick and timely manner and use high quality materials. This way you will receive a uniquely branded product that is sure to appeal to your intended audience.

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